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I'm Yang Ming(杨明) from China. I recieved my B.S. degrees in C.S.T.(Computer Science and Technology) dept. and A.A.D.(Academy of Arts & Design) from Tsinghua Univ. In 2017. And then I continue to pursue the Ph.D. degree of Computer Science in Tsinghua.

Here is my research group's homepage: Wenjian Yu's Group, Tsinghua University

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Personal Profile

I was accepted by Computer Science and Technology dept. of Tsinghua Univ. after National College Entrance Examination in 2013. I have always been motivated by the desire to realize academic achievement and make contribution to humankind. Thus, after obtaining my B.S. degree on July 2nd, 2017, I apply for the graduate program of Tsinghua and continue to pursue the doctor degree in Computer Science. During my undergraduate period, systematic knowlege frame of Computer Science has been constructed. And my current research area lies in computer modeling & simulation of VLSI.

Aside from my first mayor, I chose Digital Entertainment Design as my second major and got the B.S. degree from Academy of Arts & Design in Tsinghua Univ. on July 2nd, 2017. I learned a lot on design and accumulated exhibition experience, especially from my graduation work Quantum Mirror. In my opinion, Computer Science has common features with Art: Design makes a big difference. However, Art focuses mainly on design while technology plays an essential role in Computer Science.

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Projects, Courses and News

Here selected research projects, interesting courses and news on me or my research group are shared.

Energy Flow Pattern in one Plant Leaf
Summer School Course Project, collaborate with Jinghao Sun, guided by Prof. Luca Daniel.
Machine Learning Experiment Platform
Software Engineering Course Project, collaborate with Haotian zhang, Xiaoyang Guo and Zheyu Zhang.
Efficient Generation of 3-D Capacitance Macromodel Based on Finite Difference Method
Accepted by ACES, Guided by Prof. Wenjian Yu.
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Participate in ACES-China 2017
(August 1-4, 2017 in Suzhou).
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