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A through and detailed verion.

A Brief Biology and My Status Quo

I was born in Luoyuang, Henan Province of China on March 6th, 1995. It was in Luoyang where my primary education is accomplished. My famly moved to Beijing in 2009, just one year after the Beijing Olympic Games. After National College Entrance Examination in 2013, I recieved the offer from Tsinghua Univ. and got accepted by Computer Science and Technology Department. When sophomore year began,I had the chance to chose my second major. So I applied for Digital Entertainment Design in Academy of Arts & Design. After the entrance interview, I got accepted. On July 2nd, 2017, I graduated from Tsinghua and recieved B.S. degrees from both C.S.T.(Computer Science and Technology) dept. and A.A.D.(Academy of Arts & Design).

I have a dream to make contribution to humankind by realizing academic achievments. And after my graduation, I move on to pursue a Ph.D on Computer Sicence and have been accepted by graduate program in Tsinghua. Now I work in Numbda Group led by A/Prof. Wenjian Yu. And my current research area lies in computer modeling & simulation of VLSI.

During the undergraduate stage in Tsinghua, I have constructed a systematic knowledge frame on Computer Science. The structure of it appears to be a stack where Ciruits Design and Physical Principles settle down at the bottom while application development lies on the top. The world of Computer Science is fantastic and holds infinite possiblities. I'd love to explore!

Here is my research group's homepage: Wenjian Yu's Group, Tsinghua University

Projects, Courses and News

This is actually a repository including all the research projects, courses and news ever realesed on my homepage.

Energy Flow Pattern in one Plant Leaf
Summer School Course Project, collaborate with Jinghao Sun, guided by Prof. Luca Daniel.
Machine Learning Experiment Platform
Software Engineering Course Project, collaborate with Haotian zhang, Xiaoyang Guo and Zheyu Zhang.
Efficient Generation of 3-D Capacitance Macromodel Based on Finite Difference Method
Accepted by ACES, Guided by Prof. Wenjian Yu.
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Participate in ACES-China 2017
(August 1-4, 2017 in Suzhou).
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