Software Packages for Downloading

The software packages on this page can be used only for research purpose. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. For any question, please contact Dr. Wenjian Yu.

  • RandQB_fac

  •     "RandQB_fac" includes randomized techniques for computing the so-called QB factorization of a large matrix A, where Q is a "tall-and-skinny" orthonormal matrix. They solve the fixed-precision problem of low-rank approximation, facilitating the computation of partial SVD, QR decomposition, etc.
    --randQB_EI: suitable for large, sparse matrix. Maybe more efficient than the basic randQB procedure.
    --randQB_FP: perferable for the auto-rank problem of a large dense matrix. Owns the unique pass-efficient merit.
        Download the Matlab codes, including the test data used in:
  • Yu Gu, Wenjian Yu and Yaohang Li, "Efficient randomized algorithms for adaptive low-rank factorizations of large matrices," arXiv:1606.09402, 2016.

  • RWCap

  •     RWCap is a program suit suitable for extracting the capacitances among 3-D conductors. The inside algorithm is the floating random walk (FRW) algorithm. It has the advantages of tunable and reliable accuracy, better parallelism, and smaller memory usage, and therefore is suitable for the capacitance extraction of large-scale VLSI layout.
        In RWCap, besides "RWCap-solver", there is also a tool called "TechGFT", which generates the multi-dielectric surface Green's function table for multi-layered process technology.
    --RWCap-v1: The earliest version for Manhattan condcutor structures.     > >
    --RWCap-v3: Version 3 with features like treatment of non-Manhattan conductor/Neumann boundary/accurate coupling capacitance.     > >
  • Res2d

  •     Res2d is a program for calculating the resistance a 2-D wire with arbitary shape. The inside algorithm is based on BEM and special techniques. Res2d is able to calculate the resistance of metal wire in FPD or LCD panel efficiently.     > >
  • QBEM

  •     The QBEM is a program extracting the capacitances among 3-D conductors. The algorithm inside the the quasi-multiple medium (QMM) accelerated boundary element method (BEM). The QBEM can be used to extract the capacitances for small-size interconnect structures in VLSI circuit.     > >