QBEM for 3-D interconnect capacitance extraction


The software package on this page can be used only for research purpose. Copyright and all rights therein are retained by authors or by other copyright holders. For any question, please contact Dr. Wenjian Yu.

        QBEM: Quasi-multiple medium accelerated Boundary Element Method. Version 2 released. [2005]
        This package was developed by Wenjian Yu, Yugang Wang, Ruiming Chen, Taotao Lu, and Zeyi Wang.
The released version is compiled on a 32-bit Linux kernel version 2.6.9. The binary code is in the folder bin, and the folder example includes some test cases. The data file has a suffix of .qbem.
The running syntax is: $ QBEM < filename> [-l1|-l2] [-v CutX_Num CutY_Num] [-o < outputfile> ]
"-l1" means the fast running mode where fewer boundary elements are partitioned;
"-l2" means the accurate running mode where denser element partition is employed;
"-v" is used to manually indicate the QMM cutting numbers.
For the algorithms implemented in this software, please refer to the following papers.
        Ref: 1. Wenjian Yu, Zeyi Wang, "Enhanced QMM-BEM solver for 3-D multiple-dielectric capacitance extraction within finite domain," IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., 2004, 52(2): 560-566. [pdf]
        2. Wenjian Yu, Zeyi Wang, Jiangchun Gu, "Fast capacitance extraction of actual 3-D VLSI interconnects using quasi-multiple medium accelerated BEM," IEEE Trans. Microwave Theory Tech., 2003, 51(1): 109-120. [pdf]